Sweet Corn Soup
Hot and Sour Soup
Mixed Vegetable Soup
Tom Yum Soup
Crispy Prawn with Breadcrumb
Chicken with Breadcrumb
Salt & Pepper Pork Chop
Sesame Chicken
Onion Ring
Garlic Mushroom in Batter
Vegetable Spring Roll
Prawn Cracker
Deep fried spare ribs
Spare ribs in capital sauce
Salt & Pepper spare ribs
Chicken wing in capital sauce
Chicken satay skewered (Thai)
Sesame prawn on toast
French fries
Pitta Bread
Fish Finger
Mixed vegetable in Batter
Crispy Duck

Chicken with Mange Tout
Beef with Mange Tout

BBQ Pork with Mange Tout
Chicken with green beans
Beef with green beans
Chicken with pineapple
Beef with pineapple
Chicken with cashew nuts
Beef with cashew nuts
Chicken curry (Chinese style)
Beef curry (Chinese style)
Chicken in oyster sauce
Beef in oyster sauce
Chicken with mushroom & Bamboo shoots
Beef with mushroom & Bamboo shoots
Lemon Chicken

Sweet & sour chicken
Sweet & sour pork
Chicken with black peppers
Szechwan chicken
Szechwan Beef
Thai style chicken
Thai style beef
Chicken in satay sauce
Beef in satay sauce

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Kung Po Chicken
Kung Po Beef

Chicken with ginger & spring onion
Beef with ginger & spring onion
Chicken in black bean sauce
Beef in black bean sauce
Beef with Mushroom
Chicken with mushroom
Sea spicy Chicken (Hot)

Mixed vegetable in satay sauce
Mixed Vegetable in sweet & sour sauce
Mixed vegetable in black bean sauce
Kung Po vegetable
Mixed vegetable with chilly
Stir fried mushroom


Special fried noodles
Special fried rice
Egg fried rice
Plain rice
Plain Noodle fried
Singapore Noodle fried
Singapore Rice Noodle fried

Lemon sauce
Satay sauce
Sweet & sour sauce
Chilli Oil

Sweet chilli sauce

Tarka Daal Lentil
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Madras
Lamb Tikka Masala
Lamb Madras

Ice CreamGateau
Fresh fruit Salad

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